Born and raised in Flagstaff Arizona, from the age of 9 Lyndsay always wanted to become a photographer and capture the beauty of the world through her camera lens. After spending 15 years experiencing life and honing her many skills out side of Flagstaff, she moved back to her home town and started a company.

Lyndsay is the owner and photographer at Wandering Summit Photography, and she works hard to create memories for her clients that will last a lifetime.

However, she doesn't do it alone. With the help of her Drone Pilot extraordinaire Levi Vanschoiack, they work hard to capture the perfect shot for their clients.

Born in a small mountain town in Nevada, Levi shared his grandfather's passion to take to the skies and see the beauty of our world from a different view. However, life would take him on a long journey around the world before he would get his hands on the controls.

Levi traveled the world with the US Navy, hiked the Pacific Coast Trail on the West coast and the Appalachian Trail on the east coast, wrote a best selling novel, AND he composes all the music we use on our videos so that our clients have the most custom experience possible.


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